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When the Walls Came Down

I didn’t realize this until recently, but CLW completely demolished the walls I had in place.  Walls I didn’t even know existed.

I’m 29 years old now.  When I was in elementary I was a very active, outgoing lil kid who was really into music.  I was taking piano lessons…in the school choir and church choir, taking saxophone lessons and performing at church and school plays.

I was also getting fat during that time.  I look back and I believe it was due to a feeling of loneliness and isolation which led me to consuming sugar and flour products to avoid that feeling, which then led me to gaining weight pretty fast.   There were about 4 people who really made it bad for me during elementary school with excessive teasing…so it was at that point I shut down.  I tried to hide the real me so I didn’t have to deal with the persistent teasing and stuck feeling I felt because I couldn’t make it stop.  During that time I made a decision to put up walls to block people out…and those walls followed me all the way to adulthood.

No more walls

I feel that…life is about to get waaaaay more fun…because people make it fun.  There’s only so much fun you can have alone.  My walls are down.  I’m a part of three coaching programs, a mastermind group and a beautiful 12-step fellowship.  I invite people in now.  People of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders are all welcome.  If you’re reading this (and you’re not a troll) you’re invited too!

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