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The Transition out of a Job

This has been tough.  I am not the same person I was when I signed up for this job.  When I signed up for my first data entry position, I was primarily looking for a job.  Looking to earn an income.

When I signed up for this particular job I was a person who wanted to isolate myself and eat.  This job is very well aligned for that.  There’s a cubicle so when you want to express yourself there’s a wall there to receive everything you have to say.  There order an abundance of junk food all the time for anyone to consume and are always encouraging you to eat it.

I’m seeing I can’t really be myself here and that aggrivates me to no end.  If I was myself, I believe I would be fired pretty fast.  Nothing I want to say is appropriate for the job.   Subconsciously I might have decided to work on things that were not aligned with any typical job on purpose.

Just the fact that I have the energy and space to work on outside projects is something I’m thankful for.


If you want to transition out of a typical job, sales is pretty much the primary skill that needs to be learned.  You work at a company because the company generates sales…enough to pay you wages.  If there is no sales, there’s no business to work at.  If you can sell enough on your own of your own products or someone else’s products you can live a way more free lifestyle.  Yesterday I received a small royalty payment.  It was from SALES.  Learning how to market and sell and get value into people hands is the direction I am walking in.

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