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The Relief of Purpose

A man without a goal is like a ship without a rudder –  Thomas Carlyle

I believe I have a much clearer understanding of how life is supposed to work.  How life as a man is supposed to work.

Men are to set a path that challenges us, because men are at their best when they are being challenged (as opposed to women who are at their best when they feel connected).  We fight.  We put out our best. We work.  We improve and find a way to conquer and overcome what challenges us.

This mission or challenge guides our actions from day to day.  Otherwise, we are in constant question of the point or meaning of the action we take from day to day.


Purpose helps you align your life.  You can evaluate things based on purpose.

Will the food that I’m eating support my purpose? Will my significant other support it?  Will my habits support it? Will my friends and family support it?

None of the things are “holding you back” because you allow them into your life.

As your purpose grows stronger within you so does the urgency to connect with the things that support and encourage the realization of said purpose.


As challenging as your purpose is, life becomes easier with a purpose.  Imagine trying to choose your significant other, the food you eat, the day to day actions you take or the family and friends you allow in your life if you have no purpose.

Oh wait.  Lots of people do that.  I did that.  In the self development community it’s referred to as sleep walking.  Going through the motions of life and riding life’s wave wherever it takes them, instead of deciding where life is going to take them.  Instead of setting a course and taking purposeful action to get to a destination.  Like a ship without a rudder.

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