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The Relationship between Fear and Growth

So far..in hindsight…the things that I’ve been most afraid to do (but still faced) have helped me grow the most.

I was afraid to live with strangers of a completely different culture, but it helped me grow so much.  The biggest lessons for me were how different men who grew up with fathers were.  If a man had an active father around it usually gave them advantages they didn’t even know they had.  I also remember this is where I learned that I could always contribute to society.  There’s some way I can get paid for work I do.

I was afraid to perform.  When I faced that fear I realized how much people enjoyed it….and as I kept performing I gained more insights from it.  I learned the more relaxed I am, the better the music comes out and the more people can feel the relaxation too.

I was afraid to put myself out there in the Conscious Life Workshop.  We put out a lot of personal information.  Our shames…our regrets…Lord I appreciate it all because it’s changed my life for the better.  I was also a little afraid to travel, but that stretched me out.

I was deathly afraid of walking through the doors of a 12-step program for food addiction.  I remember planning to go to a meeting and not having a clue what was going to happen…how it would be set up…. how many people would be there…what my role as a newcomer would be…Lots of uncertainty…but something about going there felt like the next step I needed to take.  Even after going in the meeting when they said “We abstain from eating sugar and flour” I ran for the hills.  I didn’t go to another meeting for 3 years!  But in the back of my mind I knew it was the right thing to do…so I faced it after coming out of the Conscious Life Workshop.

Whatever you Fear you Must Face

Maybe we should find something that stirs our soul and makes us have lots of butterflies in our stomachs.   That just might be where the real growth is.

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