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Seeing Women Differently

I just attended another amazing food addicts meeting last night.  It is impossible to miss the fact that I can see beyond a woman’s physical body.  It really does amaze me.  I see RIGHT past it.  This was NOT the norm for me.  I loved seeing a woman’s body and I still do…don’t get me wrong.  But their physical body does not carry the weight it used to for me.

The Food Addicts meeting I go to are largely women…and it was uncomfortable at first, but the program forces you to do what’s uncomfortable.  What is comfortable and known to you has gotten you to the life you have.  If you are fed up with an area (or multiple areas) of life then you probably will have to be uncomfortable in that area to move beyond the level you’re at.

I have to talk to women.  I have to make calls to women.  I have to listen to women every single meeeting.  I can’t isolate myself.  As I’m writing this, I realize I’ve become way better at listening to women because I have to if I want to be and stay in a right size body.

I know that usually if something is uncomfortable to me, that’s where I probably need to be.  Growth will naturally happen by spending lots of time OUTSIDE your comfort zone.

Deep Connections

These have been some of the deepest connections I have had with anyone.  Imagine sharing your deepest shame with a team of people and having lots of support and tools for healing and recovering from that shame.  Imagine having a TEAM of people who already have exactly what you want and helping you out.  I am super thankful I was a part of this program and will forever feel gratitude for all the members who I’ve come in contact with.  Thank you!

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