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Open Mic at The Free Man

On July 12th I performed at open mic (played piano and sang) at the Free Man Cafe Cajun Cafe and Lounge in Dallas, Tx.

The Good

I really liked the fact that there was a host.  It made the whole thing feel more professional.  Usually at open mics there will always be a sound guy/engineer but there won’t always be a host.  Just his presence made things transition a lot smoother.

The atmosphere was great!  There was a crowd from 9pm to 1am in the morning and it never died down. People there were cool and just looking to have a good time.

When me and my friend arrived there was a band that sounded really good playing there for a 3-hour set.  It made me realize what my upcoming move should be – getting a band together.  It’s a more full sound with the different instruments than just my voice and my piano…but don’t get it twisted.  I WILL rock a show alone.

Parking was also pretty cool considering it has a downtown feel even though its in Deep Elum.  The worst part of going downtown is always the parking to me, so it’s a breath of fresh air when they make parking easy.

You can tell they really wanted all performers to sound the best they could.  They worked through all the technical difficulties with getting setup, including with me.   They went above and beyond to make the experience as great as it could be for everyone that night.


The Bad

I felt this place could have benefited from more order and structure with their open mic.  There were no signups on or through their website, so I called in the day before to find out what I needed to do to get a decent spot.  He told us to show up 30 minutes early and there would be signups in the building.  Cool! or so I thought.

When we walked in early as advised I told the waiter I was there for the open mic and she pretty much gave me no direction.  I asked her if we had to sign up or anything and she told me to just chill with my instrument and wait until the booked band finished playing.

When that band finished playing the host got on stage and introduced himself.  I didn’t even know there was a host!  By the time he got on stage it was too late.  Several of his buddies and returning open mic performers had already signed up with him.  We ended up waiting about 3 hours for me to perform just because of that.

Many times I wanted to just leave, but I stayed because I wanted to change the room.  I wanted to kill that performance and earn the respect of everyone in their and I did just that.  It was definitely worth it, and I’ll probably be back, but the fact that so many people went up before me when I got there early pretty much served to anchor the night.

The women we met did help to ease some of that tension though.  Women are starting to just walk up to us and start talking.  This is so great.  To all women, keep doing this because We love it 😎

Much love to the fellas too!  There were some cool cats here.

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