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Open Mic at House of Blues (Dallas) April 6th

A little while ago I performed at the House of Blues in Dallas.  I would say it’s my best performance yet.  I played and sang some of my own songs and John Legend’s Ordinary People.


I can’t attribute performing better to practicing more…at least not this time.  It was really a result of being more relaxed and present on stage.  I let myself go and be vulnerable and the crowd really received it well.

I looked at a previous performance at the House of Blues and saw I was in my head a lot.  This caused me to be a lot more nervous and actually make some noticeable singing mistakes.

This time I had more fun and decided I was going to enjoy myself and it worked a lot better.  I believe the sweet spot is high preparation and presence.  Seeing Kobe drop 60 on his final game really humbled me though and let me know I just scratched the surface of what’s possible as far as performing.

Scooby Doo?

The other acts were great too.  There was a very memorable one that stood out.  A guy scuffled in at the last minute and started singing an off key version of Scooby Doo acapella.  It sounded very bad.  No No No No No!

I remember reading a book called Purple Cow.  It’s basic message is to stand out and be remarkable so you’ll be memorable.  This Scooby Doo guy made me think of this book.  The fact that he actually had the nerve to sing a horrible version of Scooby Doo is what makes me remember him.

We’re not done here.  More performances.  More!  Let’s Go!

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