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Market Research Fail


Something hit me this past Sunday.  I think it was intuition.  We’ll be able to tell later on when I look back at the results from using it.

Let Me Google That For You

I want to create a book that’s going to sell well on Amazon.  That is a goal.  It took me a while to come around to realize that was the goal, but it was.

So I Googled “How to make the Amazon Bestseller List” and came across this article.  He states in that article “Read the 5-10 most popular books in your chosen category, and figure out why people love or hate them (i.e. read the reviews).”

Right now I actually have 1 book out on Amazon and one on the way, but I stopped everything to take a look at the top selling books in my category.  THEY ARE NOTHING LIKE MY TWO BOOKS!  For one, my book is around 30 Kindle pages.  The top 15 best selling books in my category average 266 Kindle pages.  That’s about 9 times the length of my book.  WTF MAN!  And that’s just one thing that’s different.  THERE ARE SEVERAL THINGS I’M PICKING UP JUST READING THE BEST SELLERS.  I haven’t even read the reviews yet and see so many things to improve on.

Something clicked in me and I can see exactly how this works.  You don’t read those best selling books with the intention of copying them, but that mixed in with reading the reviews will give you a better glimpse of WHAT THE MARKET HAS ACTUALLY PROVEN IT WILL PAY FOR, how you can differentiate yourself and give the market what it needs/wants.

Guess and Go

I wanted to use guess and go with this Amazon adventure.  I did not want to repeat the mistakes of the past and just sit on the sidelines and wait and plan and analyze everything to death so I jumped in head first…and went splat.  I feel like I’m closer now to my goal because of Guess and Go, but I also wish I had listened to what people were telling me before I spent this money and time.

I feel like I’ve had a facepalm moment and have to hit the drawing board lol.

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