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Listening To Audiobooks

Audio books have simply been great for me!  I have been listening to them passively for years now and my current job allows me to listen to hours a day.  I enjoy audiobooks because I can do other things while I listen to them.  I also like how I can pick the speed.  Through lots of testing I have found that I can increase the speed at which I listen.  If they are a slow reader I usually listen to them 2X as fast, but for most readers I listen at 1.5X.

Currently, I just finished The Now Habit and am listening to The Ultimate Sales Machine.  I find myself lately going back to listening to audio books on productivity that I’ve already read years ago because they directly apply to the project I am working on now.


Most people use Audible for audiobooks, but there are several other sources for audiobooks for free.  If I can’t find what I need on Audible or I don’t want to spend the money for the book I will use the app Hoopla or Overdrive.

There was a time before where I just wanted to read just to say I’ve read the book and to see my book count increase.  Today, however, I listen to books 2 or more times so I’m not concerned about the book count at all.  I’m more concerned with the content sinking in and applying the information in the book.

Reading relevant information has also helped.  When I was doing open mics I listened to Ray Charles’s biography and I saw the specific things he had to deal with which were similar to what I was going through. They were much harder for him being blind, but he still got what he wanted to do done, and it helped put things in perspective for me.  Right now it’s about business and productivity so those books are aligned.

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