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Life Without Sugar and Flour

Life with sugar and flour has been completely different from life without sugar and flour.  The biggest difference for me is not the 31 pounds I’ve lost – it’s the mental clarity and space in my day.  There’s been so many times where I sit back and say to myself “What now?”.  I’ve had two breaks with sugar and flour (two seperate meals) in four months.  Other than those two breaks I’ve been sticking with the food addicts program and it’s been working great!

I would always wonder how people had so much energy when they got off from work.  When I lived with three roomates they would always want to do go out and do something.  I would be super tired and beat up and just wanted to go to sleep.  Now there’s space to do so much since I’m not strung out on what would normally be fast food.   I’m filling that space with mostly video games at the time and working on a Kindle Publishing business.  I’ve also taken on a student for piano lessons and I’m very excited that the first lesson went well.  I feel way more self disciplined.  I feel like I can take on more responsibility and be available to people now.  I can be much more present when I’m not in my own cycle of addiction.

Other people

It’s been so eye-opening how other people relate to me differently.  People want to know how I’m eating and how I’m able to maintain eating like this…and people seem to be most inspired by the raw numbers (“how much weight have you lost now?”).  It is definitely not will power.  I have to give the credit to the program.  I believe I had exhausted all the strategies I could think of before this.  I’ve tried lots of diets, but I never could stick with any of them!

I’m very excited on what’s to come this year 🙂  What new things can I add to my life?  What else can I drop?

Ironic that I wanted to free up time by starting a business, but sugar and flour was a big time waster too!

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