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Invest in Assets

If there’s one thing that all the financial books I’ve read have taught me, it’s to invest in assets – whatever those assets are.

What are assets?

I like Robert Kiyosaki’s whole approach to making money and building assets.  I love the simplicity of his definition of assets. “Assets put money in your pockets…Liabilities take money out“.  The beauty of assets is once you get them going they do work for you, freeing up your time if you set them up correctly.   For a person who’s been working for money for a long period of time (me!) that is music to the ears.

Attending CLW helped me bring this to the forefront.  Before this it was hard to get a grasp on how assets could really help you earn a living.  I had to be there and actually see people live a very light life financially because of them.  That light vibe I felt around money really did something to me and caused some type of shift in me.  I couldn’t wait to start building assets – specifically online assets.  I’ve managed to complete 2 ebooks and an audio book since then.  I realize it’s going to take time and learning to build them up enough so that I can leave my job now, but I feel it will be worth the wait and effort.

Cash Flow

Cash Flow is an app in the Google Play Store.  I’ve been playing that game for years and not really understanding all the details behind it until I got out of the workshop.   The REAL goal of the game is to get out of the rat race by investing your money in assets.  When I played that game it would always take me forever to get out of the rat race.  Today I can get out of the rat race VERY fast in that game.  NOW LET’S TRANSFER THAT TO REAL LIFE!  More assets!

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