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How Does Favor Delivery Work? 85 Favors In

I decided to try being a runner for Favor in February.

Favor is a delivery service that delivers anything in under an hour.  I like that delivery services are popping up many places, but I believe that eventually this will be outsourced as well.  With self-driving cars in the works, I don’t feel there’s a significant reason to put THAT much effort and learning into these types of services, but they do provide a need for immediate money in exchange for time.

It has been very interesting being on the runner’s side.  I have ran a total of 85 Favors.  There is still some room for optimization, but I feel I have enough experience to give a fair assessment of what to expect if you decide to be a RUNNER for Favor.



The biggest pro for a runner feels like the choosing of your schedule.  You have many options here, and even more if you are granted early access to the schedule and even more if you’re in a heavily populated city that uses Favor.

Easy Money

It doesn’t take much skill to be a runner.  For each customer there’s a pretty set routine you follow for success.

1.) Message the customer saying you’re on your way to the store

2.) Order the items the customer wants

3.) Pay for it and take a picture of the receipt

4.) Take it and deliver it to the customer

5.) Rinse and Repeat.

There’s a template system you can use for messaging the customer and keeping them updated (recommended) and Favor gives you all the information about the customer’s order (name/address/phone number of the restaurant or store and the name/address/phone number of the customer).

Brain Training

I benefit that I wasn’t expecting was that it has training my mind to think steps ahead.  I feel like my mind is running too and getting a workout, and I feel mentally exhausted after my shifts.

Customer Service Training

You deal with the customer directly quite a bit with Runner.  It helps you get a feel for delivering high quality service to a customer, which is golden no matter what, seeing as you will always have a customer.



This has been by far the most annoying part of Favor, and I feel as though somehow this should be better for runners.  I run in Dallas, and usually during the times I run Downtown Dallas and Uptown Dallas are the most active areas, BUT because they are so active and so heavily populated during these times parking is hard to come by – even for the small amount of time you’re away from your car.  For me it would be a huge step backwards receiving a ticket or having a boot on my car, so I take very few take chances here.  There is a cost to not taking chances though!

Finding houses/apartments in the dark

Most of the times this isn’t an issue except in apartments or when a small kid is ordering.

The small kid can’t really give you driving directions to their house, and I can’t count the times where the adult in the house didn’t even know the kid was ordering anything.  Many times they’re reluctant to answer the phone or message back because they know they can’t give you the direction you’re looking for.

Apartments are pretty annoying when they have lots of steps to get to their house or lots of security or it’s pitch black outside.

I’ve learned that nicer neighborhoods have lots of advantages – location being on of them.  Lots of people in nicer neighborhoods have big houses that are easy to find.  They usually have family’s to fill up the big houses so the orders are larger and the tips are bigger!

Miles on the car

I want my car to keep it’s value for as long as possible.  I take very good care of it, but I also have noticed that since doing Favor my car is eating up miles like crazy!  With the Stride App you can keep track of this to write it off on taxes, but this is an obvious downside to doing any type of service with your car.

Customer Support

The customer support as it relates to the customer is A-1 with Favor.  The customer support for the runner while the runner isn’t running could drastically improve.  Sometimes there’s issues with your account, your earnings.  Sometimes I have questions that the FAQ doesn’t answer and I have to wait many days through email for a response.  I would love for there to actually be a number to call to talk to a real person.  Many companies are taking this route to save money, but I do see a trend going back to live customer support.

Not a great job for a Foodie/Food Addict

Most of the deliveries with Favor are food.  I am a food addict, and I find myself only drawn to foods from restaurants I’ve been before.  Yeah…this ain’t the best place for a Food Addict in recovery.


All in all Favor is an OK way to make some extra cash in the short term, but long-term no way is it appealing to me.

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