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Open Mic at the House of Blues – June 29th 2016

As usual this was super fun. This was the first time the crowd there swayed. Usually when I get up the crowd is all the same the whole night. The place was a little dead in the begginning, then it was packed, and by the time I got on stage it was starting to thin out.

This was probably also the best lineup I’ve seen out of the many times I’ve been there. Nice musicians, nice singers and nobody was awful. Lots of acts and lots of songs.


There is a huge respect I’m developing for people who have the courage to put theirselves out there like this.  You have to prepare, get everything and everyone together to come see you perform, and you still might fail.  It’s not easy.  It requires more courage than any day job I’ve had because in the day jobs someones always telling me what to do.  The responsibility is in their hands.  If they tell you to do something and you do it right but it was the wrong thing to do, you can point the finger at the person who told you to do it.  Not here.  Performing is all about you and your team if you have one.


I pulled in alot of different tools/ resources for this one.  A book called Little Bets gave me the idea to test some things out while performing.  People usually respond well to my story telling so I tried more of that.

 I used things I learned from previous performances like RELAXATION.  I wanted to be as relaxed as possible so I drank a beer before hitting the stage.  Thanks Deep Elum IPA!


Everytime I do open mics something good happens. I either have a band that wants to jam out with me/ pick me up or I meet musicians or I meet an interesting member of the opposite sex or I meet a great singer who wants to connect musically or I connect my friends with any of the above.

I didn’t realize how much I needed this. I had begun to get bogged down by bills, money, my day job…etc. I didn’t realize how necessary it was until after it was over.

This awakened something within me. I feel like I’m on fire and I’m riding a wave, so I’ll just continue to ride it. When I perform at night I feel like Superman. By day I enter data, by night I’m a mysterious musician 😉

I wonder how far these 88 keys can take me.

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