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Guess and Go

“Guess and Go” is a strategy used to get out of a state of analysis paralysis.  The basic rule is that when you are stuck with a decision with two or more options, take your best guess and keep moving.  Keep Moving!

You always have options when faced with a decision.  You can analyze the decision before you.  You can talk with others about possible outcomes.  You can decide not to make a decision (which is also a decision).  Indecision is what keeps people stuck for years and repeating the same ineffective cycles.

Guess and go does take a willingness to get out of your comfort zone.  Nobody said “Guess and Go” would be easy.  It’s not easy to face your fears and to not know the results from your new actions.

For me, it makes it easier to view it all as an experiment.  I think to myself “If I do X what will happen?”.  I’m finding that answering questions like those are valuable.  Seriously.  People are always looking for ways to save time, and the answers to these experiments can definitely save time for others – making the answers valuable.

No more Sugar and Flour

The decrease in sugar and flour has definitely made guess and go a lot easier for me.  I would always stuff myself full of sugar and flour to try to get away from the fear I felt.  The clarity I’m experiencing is pretty cool and I can face the fear instead of doing all I can to avoid it.

There is a place for planning and research, but there is a place for actually taking action and learning on the fly.  Taking action seems to get the ball rolling in a positive direction and allows different options to open up.  I’m definitely happy to say goodbye to the long periods of stuckness 🙂


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