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Feeling Primal

I feel like an animal now!  In hindsight, I’m assuming I feel like an animal now because I used to numb everything I was feeling with flour and sugar.  Without flour and sugar I can feel my senses more vividly.  I am sharper and the clarity of mind is amazing.  I am more in tune with my instincts and intuition.  My mental clarity is by far the biggest benefit yet even over the pounds I’m shedding.

I KNOW – I keep mentioning flour and sugar!  But the absence of it from my diet has been so transformational.

I actually did feel like an animal before.  I felt like a bear.  I would store all the food I was eating and immediately want to hibernate.  I would also isolate myself a lot and really look to the food for comfort and companionship.  I would always see pictures of people having fun out with friends and family and silently say to myself “that’s great they had that experience.  I don’t need people though because I’ve got food!”.

Now I feel more like a wolf…or a lion (that would make sense because I’m a Leo).  I feel like food is there for me to survive, but the rest of my life is mine to mold and shape how I see fit.  It doesn’t occupy my mind all day every day like it used to.

My sex drive has gone through the roof.  I want to screw everything now 🙂 but I digress…

The job I work in

I am more honest and expressive and I don’t hold things in anymore.  Why should I?  At my job I get angry with bullshit.  Instead of eating over it I express that anger.  Things have actually gotten better at the job because of it too.  We’ve fixed some major problems.  I do wonder…how long can you keep a lion in a box (the cubicle I’m in).  I have no idea where I’m going after this job but I feel it’s fading because the person I came in here as is not the person I am today.  I don’t know if this job can handle the real me.  Maybe it’s just not a good fit anymore.

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