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Conscious Life Workshop

I attended the Conscious Life Workshop held by Steve Pavlina on October 14, 2016 in Las Vegas Nevada.  This was an event focused on funding a lifestyle of your own design.  What a beautiful, impactful event that was and I am grateful I had the courage and resourcefullness to go.  I met some incredible people and many of us still talk today.

I look back and smile and realize that my growth shifts actually started before that event.  This wasn’t the first time he had run this event, and the first time I looked at it and said to myself “I can’t afford it”, accepted that and moved on.  When it rolled around again, I remembered how I felt the first time I passed on it and I didn’t want to feel like that again, so I went above and beyond to pay to attend the event and to pay for the flight.  I didn’t have any prior plans or reservations to stay anywhere when I showed up (lesson learned!).

The workshop did not go like I thought it would go.  I thought Steve Pavlina was going to get up there and lecture and we would take notes.  NOPE.  We had lots of group excercises that really opened us up and allowed us to connect in a really deep way.  I shared my shame and secret desires with people and felt this tremendous joy throughout the workshop.

2 Takeaways

There were two main takeaways that still stick in my mind today.  In fact, I believe they’re internalized.  They’re in me.  I feel like I think differently now because of these two ideas.

  1. Making money is very simple. 
    • I had been doing so much struggling to make money, and it turns out there are so many business models and ways to make it it’s ridiculous.  I can still remember the idea of scale.  The hardest part to make lots of money is to make a little on your own, without a job.  Then you can scale that and go from there.  Also, you can deliver and sell to the marketplace directly yourself.  That’s pretty cool!
  2. When you want to grow or make changes, don’t go at it alone.
    • Since there were around 35 people who attended the workshop, there was plenty of feedback.  There were plenty of attendees who had been through problems I had been through and knew how to solve them.  Also, lots of people who could pinpoint where I was going wrong in situations.  The group feedback was so valuable.  What’s crazy is I got so much from the people attending the workshop, not necessarily the person running it.
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