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3 Weeks After Being Laid Off

Just the fact that I have the energy and space to work on outside projects is something I’m thankful for.

This was a quote from an article I wrote on March 31, 2017 called The Transition Out of a Job.

I’m aware that you get more of what you are thankful for.  I find it pretty funny I was thankful for the energy and space to work on outside projects and I just got a hell of a lot more time and space to work on outside projects.  Getting laid off is one way to transition out of a job you don’t like.

“I have to be productive” vs The Creator

A week after being laid off, I was internally beating myself up quite a bit over not feeling or being productive.  The next day I watched part of a video on Super Accelerated Living.  After watching that video I was feeling there was a mismatch between his attitude and my attitude, but I couldn’t put my finger on what the exact mismatch was.  Eventually I realized the mismatch is in the statement “I have to be productive” that had been running as a constant loop in my mind.  Nobody has to do anything except die!

The kid in anyone never says to himself “I have to be productive” or “I need to be productive” or “I should be productive”.  He just creates.  His/her natural state is a creator. “I have to be productive” seems like a left-over slave mentality that comes from a job mindset.

A look back at the last three weeks

When I sit back and evaluate how life has gone these past 3 weeks, the good outweighs the bad by a ton.

The Good

  • Not having to wake up at the same time every day in the morning
    • Technically I still do have to make a sponsor call at 6AM every day, but I actually like doing that…also many times I go back to sleep after that call.  As far as work is concerned, I did not like waking up knowing I was going to spend about 7.5 hours in a box doing repetitive busy work.  I would procrastinate and prolong sleep as long as I possibly could to avoid doing it.
  • Not having to play stupid office games
    • There were employees who would really go far to keep their jobs, and many times I would get thrown under the bus for no good reason so they didn’t get yelled at or disciplined by people “above” them.  To me there were so many silly games and incongruence with what people said and what actually happened it almost felt like a joke…and I was a participant in it.
  • No cubicles
    • This alone makes me wonder why I took this job in the first place.  I’m a more expressive guy than when I took this job, so when I would go to express myself at this job there’d be this cubicle in the way.
  • I can be my authentic self and not filter anything
    • To me, there was this invisible pressure to get along with people, since we were there for most of the day.  I always felt things should be professional in a professional environment.  I question “professional” now.  What does that even mean?
  • I notice life outside of the office
    • I notice the birds singing and the plants…I was in my head in my job so much and stayed in my head even while I was outside of my job.  There’s an ease to the day when everyone is at school and work in a big city.

The Bad

  • Finances – I’m not bringing in as much money as I was with my job.  There’s still unemployment pay but it’s not going to be as much, and it hasn’t kicked in yet.  This is the only negative.

While I am feeling the impact of that one negative, I can’t say that I’d trade that one negative in for all the good I’ve listed above.  I absolutely love this freedom.  It’s probably the calmest and most peaceful time I’ve had in my life.

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