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100 Days of Food Addicts

Foodaddicts (FA) is a recovery program for those who find themselves addicted to food.  It is modeled after AA (Alcoholics Anonymous).  It has been truly eye-opening to be a part of it.  It is free.  It has several members that have solved a problem I have had my whole life.  It is structured, and people in it take it very seriously.  It has given me so many tools to help me with life, and I have also met lots of knew people and developed some great relationships.

I first heard of Food Addicts from this podcast.  After listening to it, something in me new that was the answer I needed.  I have struggled with my weight and my food ever since I can remember, so when she mentioned an abstinence from sugar and flour it had never occured to me that living without sugar and flour could actually be real.  There’s so much of it in the US and eating it in many places seems to be a given.


It was about 4 years ago when I went to my first meeting in Austin, TX and they were very welcoming.  As soon as the share portion came I remember a woman telling my exact story.  I remember in that moment a very overwhelming sense of truth hit me.  I knew this group had the answers I needed, but I was not ready to give up sugar and flour completely.  At the time it was too much a part of my life.

Flash forward four years later and I still had the same problem.  What really pushed me to take care of this problem was this article on the Hidden Saboteurs of Lifestyle Design and actually attending the Conscious Life Workshop (CLW).  I can still remember Steve Pavlina saying at the workshop to imagine you’re talking to yourself 10 years from now.  You don’t want your 10-year future self to look back at you now like “You ass! Why didn’t you get this problem taken care of now!”.

After that workshop I immediately went to a Food Addicts meeting and decided to commit to it.  I really hadn’t gone to enough meetings my first time around in Austin to understand the extent of what I would have to do.  I thought it was a bit cultish at first.  There were so many rules and they had to be followed to the T, but in the back of my mind I knew I needed that structure because I had never had it before.  Nobody ever told me I couldn’t eat anything I wanted.

I’m actually writing this on the brink of a break in abstinence.  I had a break yesterday and that comes with lots of impactful consequences I wasn’t concerned with at the time of the break.  I just wanted this certain food that had been on my mind, but there are real problems with giving in to it.  The one I’m feeling now is that I don’t truly know if I’m free of this addiction yet since this just happened yesterday.

Food Addicts is a committment, but it has been so worth it.  They give you the tools, and if you use them you will succeed in it.  If you don’t, it will be very easy to succumb to old habits and you might find yourself back on the roller coaster of addiction.

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